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The Lunsford Method

Chronic pain doesn’t discriminate when choosing whose life it will impact. It is for this reason that our mission at Lunsford Therapeutics is to provide solutions for anyone who is suffering so that they may be free to live a healthy, happy, and whole life. Over the years our patented Lunsford Method and products have helped clients from all walks of life and are honored to be a part of the wellness journeys of those we’ve served.

What is The Lunsford Method?

The Lunsford Method is a collection of modalities and synesthetic therapies that are designed to repattern brain nerve response to alleviate chronic pain. In addition to the patented brace, customers can reap the benefit from years of expertise in healing sinusitis, dry mouth and salivary gland dysfunction (Xerostomia), dry eyes (Blepharitis), acid reflux, and esophageal restrictions (GERD)

“The issues are in the tissues.”

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Upper Back Pain

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Hand Pain


Lower Back


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Foot Pain




How it Works?

David’s extensive foundation in science and modern social construction allows him keen insight into understanding what pain is. It is through this comprehension that he can not only communicate to you at length about the issues which ail you, but also provide you with the process to heal via his method and products.


During this process, your mind and body will be trained so that tissues realize they no longer have to be tight. The results of the method and modalities are that tissues no longer have to work to support your body. This allows you to feel physical AND emotional relief.


Earlier in his life, David suffered a debilitating on-the-job, lower back injury. It was an experience that not only redefined the importance of health and wellness for him but which also inspired him to explore how he could best help others who suffered from similar conditions.


When he was 27 he began mentorship in what would become a lifelong neuromuscular therapy practice. In just three years he became advanced enough to administer four-hour treatments to clients, working meticulously on each muscle and discovering the relationship between emotional and physical trauma. 

While attending the Omega Institute he was introduced to many different healing modalities and was attuned to 2nd level Reiki. This was a watershed moment in his growth as a healer, as he learned that persistent micro-pressure on ischemic tissue allowed it to soften and retrain itself to rest in a homeostatic state. Learning that this homeostatic state-maintained tissue memory for prolonged periods offering relief to clients revolutionized his approach to health and wellness - this approach continues to be a major part of his practice and products today as a highly skilled and respected practitioner/ synasseur of healing technologies, neuromuscular therapy, healing sinusitis, dry mouth and salivary gland dysfunction (Xerostomia), dry eyes (Blepharitis), acid reflux and esophageal restrictions (GERD). 


David is the founder of Synassage Therapy©. He is a graduate of St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy Program as well as a work-study at the Omega Institute in New York. He also has a B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota

Meet David
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