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Welcome to Lunsford Therapeutics

Confidently living life and feeling good is normal; surviving day-to-day in pain is not. We’re here to help you achieve your healthiest and happiest life by being liberated from chronic pain.

Featured Products

Lunsford Therapeutics offers products and services that also teach our brains about correct and incorrect muscle usage.  Explore our shop below to see how our products can help you.

The Lunsford Method

The Lunsford Method is a collection of modalities created by David Lunsford and are designed to comprehend and ultimately alleviate your chronic pain. Click below to learn more and to start your wellness journey today.

Meet David

Inventor of the Lunsford Method

Lunsford Therapeutics founder David Lunsford’s mission is to offer foundational hope to people, who because of chronic pain, feel hopeless. Click here to learn about David’s own chronic pain journey and how he uses it to offer a path to wellness customers.

Click below to learn more!

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